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Welcome to the Trevor Roberts Memorial Mission Foundation

Lance Corporal Trevor Roberts, a Marine fighting in Iraq and a member of Eagle Heights Church, lost his life on March 24, 2007 at the age of 21.  That tragic day came only twelve days before he was set to come home.

He was a man of deep faith and rock solid conviction.  During his childhood and teenage years, he was constantly at church working and serving.  All of the Marines he fought with spoke of his constant pursuit of Christ.

Trevor loved being a Marine, but that was not his life’s calling.  He planned to become a foreign missionary after his time in the Marines.  While a teenager, he participated in numerous mission trips where he learned to love serving others.  His desire was to share the love of Jesus in parts of the world that are hurting and forgotten.

While Trevor had big plans for his future, he was not afraid of dying.  He left for Iraq confident, not that he would come home safely, but that God was in control.  The future was certain for Trevor, even if his life were to end suddenly.

In December of 2006, Trevor wrote these words:

That’s how fast life can change, in the blink of an eye.  Over here, it might be a firefight or a roadside bomb that makes a normal drive a stir of chaos.  At home it may be a loss of a friend or loved one.  It all just happens so fast that you are just left with your head spinning; in the blink of an eye.  It’s funny that the things that happen so rapidly are the ones that usually impact us the most, and the ones we learn the most from.  Often times we are left with no place to go, a question of what now?  Things most definitely don’t always work out the way we dream and hope, but we have to keep going, for you never know what tomorrow might bring.

Trevor trusted Jesus for his salvation, and lived his entire life for Him.  His faith in Jesus made him better able to die that day than many of the other Marines around him.  Trevor trusted Jesus and therefore was ready.

Trevor lived his life so others would see and be drawn to Jesus Christ.  He wanted to help others trust in his Savior, Jesus Christ, to remove their sin and give them a life full of purpose.

Almost immediately after hearing of Trevor’s death, his parents felt God leading them to do something with a large portion of Trevor’s life insurance money.  Because Trevor’s goal in life was to be a foreign missionary, and because he had a passion for missions, they felt led to create an opportunity to help others go on the types of trips that Trevor had caught that vision from.  In this way, his work for the Lord might be carried on, and they might catch that same passion and vision.  With the help of the Missions Pastor and Church Administrator, they formed the Trevor Roberts Memorial Mission Foundation.

How we’ve helped the world come to know His name

Since its’ creation in 2008, the Trevor Roberts Memorial Mission Foundation has awarded grants to help over 297 people spread the news of Jesus Christ to over 73 different places around the world.  Click the map below to see where we’ve been and read testimonials from those who went.

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